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Promotions V2


The Promotions API call allows the users to get active promotions.

HTTP Method and Request URL



Path and Query Parameters

HTTP Header Parameters
Parameter Description Mandatory Sample Value
x-macys-webservice-client-id: Pass the apikey as a header value which is called x-macys-webservice-client-id. The api key is the 24 character alphanumeric string assigned to your application when you registered it. Click here for a list of your API keys. Yes xmj9js4jkdpe1983fmwu98gh
Accept Detemines output format. Can be application/json or application/xml. Yes



Query Parameters

Parameter Description Mandatory Sample Value
promoid Promotion Id
No 431690
global Is the promotion global? (Y for Yes, N for No)
No Y, N
sourcecode Promotion Source Code
No  B, Z, D
type Promotion Type
No  Percent Off Order
promo_code Promotion Code No VETDAY
callback If sent, the format is JSONP (JSON with Padding) with the callback returned with the JSON response. You can put anything in the callback parameter and whatever you send is returned.  No magicofmacysapi


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Sample Requests and Responses

Sample Request

Request URL:



HTTP Header:

x-macys-webservice-client-id: xmj9js4jkdpe1983fmwu98gh

Accept: application/json

Sample Response

    "promotionDetailsResponse": [{
        "promotionName": "Emeril by All-Clad Bonus ",
        "description": "Get Free Nonstick Hard Anodized Round Grill Pan with Qualifying Emeril by All-Clad Cookware Set Purchase.",
        "global": true,
        "promoId": "431690",
        "promotionType": "Bundled GWP",
        "effectiveMonth": 7,
        "effectiveDay": 18,
        "effectiveYear": 2012,
        "expirationMonth": 12,
        "expirationDay": 31,
        "expirationYear": 2037,
        "promotionSource": ["MACYS", "BLOOMIES"],
        "promotionSourceCode": "D",
        "offerDescription": "Bonus with Select Emeril by All-Clad Sets.",
        "promotionAttributeDTO": [{
            "promotionId": 431690,
            "promotionAttributeName": "BADGE_TEXT",
            "attributeSeqNumber": 1,
            "promotionAttributeValue": [{
                "promotionId": 431690,
                "attributeValueSequenceNumber": 1,
                "promotionAttributeName": "BADGE_TEXT",
                "promotionAttributeValue": "Free Gift With Purchase "

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Error Codes

Call Specific Error Codes:


General Error Handling Documentation:

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