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App Gallery/Sample apps

Check out some of the exciting Services developed using Macy's API:

Macy's and Pinterest have partnered together to allow you to purchase items directly through the Pinterest App. This enhancement has helped customers to easily locate items and pins which were previously just pictures and links, which were sometimes broken or had been changed making it difficult for people to find these items when they wanted to purchase them. If you see an item and the price is Blue, you can buy it right through the Pinterest app!
Levi's Find In store APP utilizes Macy's Store API's to locate a particular cut and Jean style in a Macy's store close to you so you can try them on.  This APP drives customers to existing stores so they can try on the products they are interested.  This increases floor traffic, increases sales, and drives revenues to our downstream partner Levi's.
mx.macys.com is a MEW (Mobile Enhanced Web) application that is built solely on the Macy's API's.  The application is best viewed on a mobile device but can scale for any device.  The application provides a new and simple way to shop, and is built on a continuous delivery platform. This was developed as part of our Lean Lab programs.

E-gifting is an application that is now embedded on every product page at macy.com.  This application was developed in our Idea Lab (A place to mature POC's created by Macy's.com employees). This application was developed by partnering with a company called Loop Commerce (loopcommerce.com). This application allows customers to give a thoughtful and tangible gift online.  When users see a gift they want to give, they just click on the E-gift button, enter their friends email, and a greeting.  The gift gets sent and your friend can pick the color, size, and input their address so the item can be shipped to them.  If they don't like the gift they can always pick something else they are looking for.  This application makes use of our gift card services and our catalog and product services.

Macy's Image Seach was also a product of the Idea Lab and is an app that is currently available for iphone.  The fuctionality of the app is also being deployed to site and will be integrated into the Macy's Shopping App in the future. This app recognizes products available at Macys using Macy's API.
Macy's Shopping Application for iOS and Android uses a variety of Macy's API Services to provide fast mobile shopping experience.  The application makes use of UPC scaning to look up product specific discounts and give you the ability to ship items to your home.

The Gift Guide Application is used for finding the perfect gift for him or her. The application is embedded in the the main Macys.com site and gives you fast and dynamic way to find the perfect gift.

The Knot offers the ability to manage your big day and your Macy's registry from one helpful site. The site based application uses Macy's API to manage your Wedding registry.

Shopkick is a shopping app for smartphones and tablets that offers customers rewards for walking into stores. It uses points called “kicks” which are usually awarded when users walk into participating stores. The application uses Macy's API to reward it's users with gift cards.

A dynamic and fast application that allows you to quickly narrow down what kind of Macy's Diamond Jewelry intem you are looking for.  This application leverages Macy's Catalog API services to return realtime inventory.
Make it a day to remember with clothing, jewelry and gifts for the entire wedding party—all in one place.  This application leverages Macy's Catalog API services and Registry services to return realtime inventory of products and registry information.
Catalog Spree is the #1 catalog shopping app, where you can browse all your favorite catalogs in one place. Catalog Spree is your Personal Digital Mall: one shopping mall with all the brands you love. You can access it on your iPad, your iPhone on any other device with our web version. Shop your favorite brands, discover new ones with personalized recommendations, browse over 350 catalogs, save your favorite products in a 'favorites' list and share your lists via email, Pintrest or Facebook.
Sip & Scan is a Macy's registry event. Just RSVP, fill out your information and Macy's will have your scanner ready to go when you arrive. Dedicated Registry Consultants & Brand Experts are ready to help. 
Take the luggage quiz and your perfect luggage is just a few clicks away. Find all the right features and read helpful shopping guides. View customer ratings or simply browse your favorite brands. All these features are available with Luggage Finder.
Take the mattress quiz and find the perfect mattress. We know how difficult it can be to choose a new mattress. But thanks to our staff of factory-trained experts and our easy-to-use Mattress Finder, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect night’s sleep.
Meet Macy's Culinary Council—helping to bring gourmet cooking to your kitchen table with recipes,tips, events & more!
A dynamic and fast application that allows you to quickly narrow down what kind of Macy's Diamond Jewelry intem you are looking for.  This application leverages Macy's Catalog API services to return realtime inventory.