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Credit Card Types

Below is a list of the Credit Card codes and thier corresponding Credit Card Types:


Credit Card Description


American Express
AA Meier and Frank
AB Kaufmann's
AC Famous Barr
AD Hecht's
AE Foley's
AF Filenes
AG LS. Ayres0.05
AH Strawbridges
AI Jones
AJ Marshall Fields
B Macy's American Express
C Rich's-Macy's
D Goldsmith’s-Macy's
E Lazarus-Macy's
EGC Electronic Gift Card
F Employee Card
H Bon-Macys
I Burdines
J Rich's-Macy's Visa
K Bon-Macy's Visa
L Lazarus-Macy's Visa
M MasterCard
N Goldsmith’s-Macy's Visa
0 Discover
5 Burdines-Macy's Visa
U Burdines-Macy's
V Visa
X Macy's Visa
Y Macy's
Z Robinsons-May

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