Customer V1 Lists

Method NameDescription
Get Default List This service allows you to see items in an existing wishlist as a guest user.

Add Item to Default List

This service allows you to add products to a wishlist as a guest user who has not validated their credentials.


Add Item to Any List Text
Delete Item from List Allows user to delete item from list
Get List by List GUID To get list details by list guid
Get All Lists Profile user can retrive all their wishlists (if set default=true we will only return their default wishlist). For non-profile users, this call only returns the default wishlist, if they have one.
Search Lists  This service enables users to find friends or other wishlists via search option using first name, last name and state fields 
Delete Lists and List Items Profile user can delete one of their lists which will also delete the items in that list
Create New List Profile user can create and name a new list

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