Get List by List GUID


This service enables users to retrieve a list by the list GUID. 

NOTE: If no user or list is specified when adding an item, a guest list is created. To merge your guest list to an authenticated user, please follow merge list.


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HTTP Method and Request URL


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HTTP, Path and Query Parameters

HTTP Header Parameters

Parameter Description Mandatory Sample Value
x-macys-webservice-client-id Pass the apikey as a header value which is called x-macys-webservice-client-id. The api key is the 24 character alphanumeric string assigned to your application when you registered it. Click here for a list of your API keys. Yes


Accept Specifies the output format. Can be application/json or application/xml. Yes


Request Body Parameters
Parameter Description Mandatory Sample Value


The ListGuid Assigned to the List Yes c779e73f-4f40-40d8-8fee-d42a1a9cb9d7


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Sample Requests and Responses

Sample Request

Request URL:



Sample Header:

X-Macys-Webservice-Client-Id: xmj9js4jkdpe1983fmwu98gh
Accept: application/json
Content-type: application/json

Sample Response

    "list": {
        "listGuid": "a64a92fb-7eee-4ba8-98f9-a9baa826d14b",
        "name": "John's List",
        "listType": "W",
        "defaultList": true,
        "onSaleNotify": false,
        "searchable": false,
        "numberOfItems": 2,
        "showPurchaseInfo": true,
        "createdDate": "2015-03-19 18:02:10.900054",
        "lastModified": "2015-03-19 18:02:10.900054",
        "links": [
                "rel": "user",
                "ref": ""
                "rel": "self",
                "ref": ""
                "rel": "items",
                "ref": ""

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cURL Example

curl -X GET -H "X-Macys-Webservice-Client-ID: XXXXXXXXXX" -H "Accept: application/json" ""

Error Codes

Call Specific Error Codes

  • Error Code: 100122 Error Message : Invalid list guid
  • Error Code: 100104 Error Message : List type not supported
  • Error Code: 100109 Error Message : Invalid sort order value. Valid values are asc/desc
  • Error Code: 100108 Error Message : Unsupported sort by value
  • Error Code: 100129 Error Message : Invalid expand option
  • Error Code: 100130 Error Message : Invalid fields option


General Error Handling Documentation:

Click Here

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