Catalog and Store Services

Catalog Services

Catalog services give you access to the Macy's product line in a variety of ways:

Method NameDescription
Category The Catalog Category Services are resources that return Macy's Category and Product information.
Product The Catalog Product Services are resources that return detailed Macy's Product information.
Search Phrase
This service allows the users to search for a keyword and return product results matching that particular keyword.
Reviews This service displays ratings and reviews for products.
Refreshstatus This service returns the status and time of last data refresh.

Store services

The Store Services are resources that return a variety of store information

Methods Available

Method NameDescription
Events V3
Find store events
Store Location V3
Find store information based on location number or store number.  You can also return store information base on location specified in a variety of ways.  In addition you can request store availability information for products and upc's.

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